You Know You're a MCSM Fan When...

You Know You're a MCSM Fan When...

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Har By phoenixdrop__ Updated 5 days ago

Basically everything a MCSM fangirl/fanboy does daily. XD

Original Idea. Please give credit if you decide to recreate. 

All characters and plot belong to Telltale Games and Mojang.

I want to either do that, or curse saying 'slimeballs'. And I haven't done either one yet but I want to.
I have a suggestion! You know you're a fanboy/fangirl when you've named a pet after one of the characters. I'm guilty for most of these, by the way.
One, that's my thing now. Two, just thought you should all know,I got WAY to excited when I saw Stampy in the background in one of the pictures
I dressed up as Petra for Fandom Day at school. Does that count?