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Back to Black || rants

Back to Black || rants

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♀ By TeenWasteland Updated 2 days ago

Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation.

ugly rotten ass white bitches lol. to everyone reading this, call out your white friends!!! im serious. these are the same girls who will tell you "what??? im not racist!!" but still say the n word. these two look like they'd date a black dude to piss off their dad lol. little demon looking asses
Honestly though. I go to a school in America, where everyone hangs with their own race. I feel like I have missed a lot of great friendships bc of it.
of course its not only in america  i dont how anyone could  think  that
mukewifi mukewifi 3 days ago
you're the only person so far with this much knowledge in these type of books. thank you so much for sharing it with others who are still learning.
The fact that people act and conduct themselves this way is really sad I mean who does something like this
That cake was made by a black artist if I remember correctly to raise awareness