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Back to Black || rants

Back to Black || rants

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♀ By TeenWasteland Updated 5 days ago

Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation.

BBonica BBonica Mar 21
Lady I have too many black friends and other friends of color experiencing racism there. Just because you don't go through it don't mean it's not there. It's actually a big deal and you're kinda blind to that fact. Racism is everywhere especially where you are.
LycaaMobile LycaaMobile Jun 14
that's supposed to be bartmaan. she was a woman that has a big bum & breasts & the whites would treat her like a caged animals & have sex wiv her. when she died of a sex-related disease they put body parts like her vagina in a museum & u found dah so disrepectful
LycaaMobile LycaaMobile Jun 14
no wayyyy! they bully us because of our skin & now they wanna be us? #unbelieveable
BadGalKasey BadGalKasey Mar 19
That's supposed to be Sarah Baartman she was put on a pedestal as a science experiment because of her large behind . Look her up I read the story it's sickening
If she had said black people... maybe I wouldn't have minded... if she had said niggas I'd have been upset but them she said niggers like BITCH!!!?
tchundjong tchundjong Apr 07
Honesty truly. The same with African history. Like I am African (West) and people only think the bad things about Africa like we don't have houses, clothes, a culture and all those things that the West does. It's annoying because we do and so much of a rich culture that it's crazy.