Five Nights in Anime: Jerry vs. The Girls (Discontinued)

Five Nights in Anime: Jerry vs. The Girls (Discontinued)

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I rap By Rebzeys Updated Nov 12, 2017

18 year old Jeriel X. Gonzalez just apply for this job at Freddy's Anime Convention because his mom would kick him out of the house if he doesn't get a job soon.

His cockiness always gets the better of him. Little did he know the girls would try to rape him at his shift.

For some reason he gets these special abilities every time he makes love to the animatronics
(Yes there will be lemons)
Enjoy this story because it's gonna be a long one.

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LiaisonAdamantine LiaisonAdamantine Nov 04, 2017
I feel ya...but that's why I just hang out in the back with other rejects
NOTSnipaBoy45 NOTSnipaBoy45 Oct 15, 2016
Sees (Epic fight scene right here people)
                              *plays Mortal Kombat theme song
                              Oh man this gunna be good.
letsplayagamecrazy75 letsplayagamecrazy75 Oct 14, 2016
MANGLE IS #1 I love mangle she's a cute little fox/vixen oh and I love toy Chica and regular choc in the fnaf games.
TheThunder115 TheThunder115 May 12, 2016
Is it wrong of me to just now see the fun zone sign pointed at BonBon's boobs? And secondly, here. Enjoy.