North of Normal

North of Normal

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Marissa Priddis By theloudlibrarian Updated Apr 17, 2016

After her marriage disintegrates, spitfire Polly North escapes - against her better judgement - to a familiar cabin in the north woods.

She didn't count on an old crush, a new profession, a goofy dog, and an endless supply of Merlot being the way to heal her heart.

From the unspoiled shoreline of Lake Superior, Polly will find herself, find love, and do battle with potential man-eating coyotes.


This romance is filled with snappy one-liners, relatable but witty characters, romance, and a glimpse into the beautiful coast of the Upper Peninsula.

Rose5525 Rose5525 Jun 07
Anyway, if I were her I'd have already drained the joint accounts and denied his monetary privileges at their firm
Rose5525 Rose5525 Jun 07
Yeah, cuz you know, it's usually limited to, like etc woman? She's seriously gonna snap in like four seconds.
Rose5525 Rose5525 Jun 07
I CAN EXPLAIN POLLY! THE HOUSEKEEPER WANTED A CRACKER TOO, SO I GAVE HER A TASTE OF MY PASTY SALTY ASS! Lol (snickering obnoxiously  with a tiny percentage of sympathy deep down)
shwadey15 shwadey15 Feb 17
Wow, this is awesome. Thanks for such a great read, loving it.
toto2430 toto2430 Feb 27, 2016
I read gambling it all so many times, it became my absolute favorite book on wattpad and I just HAD to see what else you'd written. I'm happy to say this chapter didn't disappoint. You have a fantastic writing ability and I can't wait to see how you proceed with this.
oniamac oniamac May 13, 2016
People are coming back with missing body parts or worst and she's worried about sunscreen. I hope she is just trying to make light of the situation lol