Percy Jackson The Guardian

Percy Jackson The Guardian

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aj By 11anjali16 Updated Mar 17, 2017

They betrayed me, my friends and campers along with Chiron.
Annabeth used me, and Athena lied.
Annabitch is the reason, why a part of me died. I jumped in hell for her, and she cheated on me, then lied and turned everyone against me.
They forgot about my fatal flaw being loyalty.

All but some...

My life turned a complete 180°
Looking at my beautiful wife, cooing at the triplets I realised there is nothing I wish to change.

I was once known as percy jackson son of poseidon and Sally jackson-blofis. A hero they called me, a saviour of Olympus.

Suddenly a soft cry broke my train of thoughts, I looked down and noticed, that my son's were sleeping peacefully next to my exhausted mate I noticed my daughter, looking up at me with her midnight blue eyes a ring of sea green around them.

I was finally happy with my life.
I did forgive everyone, but never will I forget.

****mature content****

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PertimisIsMyOTP PertimisIsMyOTP Aug 07, 2017
I swear on the river Styx that I am a demigod *thunder rumbles in the distance* BOOM!
persassabeth persassabeth Mar 25, 2017
the description that you put sounded like a poem or a rhyme... did you try to make it like that or was it an accident??
IHateAnnabitch IHateAnnabitch Dec 19, 2017
dude hermes you broke the Bro code you slept with a bros kid
PhoenixFighter22 PhoenixFighter22 Apr 24, 2017
Wish, nope. I ALREADY AM ONE. Oh wait, i gotta hide this phone. SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!!