Blue Beetle X Reader [Young Justice]

Blue Beetle X Reader [Young Justice]

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Taryn By GrimmFlaws Updated Sep 23

Jaime , (Y/N), and Tye have all been best friends since before they could walk. Despite this, Jaime has been keeping the fact that he's Blue Beetle from (Y/N) for what he claims is her own safety. But little does he know, it's not exactly a secret to her. She knows and is involved in more than he could ever imagine.

Blue Beetle X Reader story with a slight bit of (Nightwing X Reader)

This story mostly follows the main plot line of Young Justice Invasion, only certain details of it have been edited to include (Y/N) and her story. Because of this, there are many spoiler alerts for Young Justice Invasion and I advise that you watch it before reading this story.
This story contains some Mature Language (cussing) and is advised for people over the age of 13.

Lol I'm in a black kitty jumpsuit with a black mask that covers my entire face
                              With fire power.
                              I'm just that awesome aren't I xD
My character actually puts her hair down. Because she always a ponytail so yeah.
Omg I'm so sorry but the cover scares the life out of me, I scroll down my library and there it is
This is literally my oc, minus her being the White Beetle and not a fire hero
                              EVERY BOOK I OPEN HAS MAYBE ONE OR TWO.
                              JAIME IS AWESOME AND I LOVE HIM
That sounds so inspiring
                              "I remember the day that was taken"