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Crush x Reader

Crush x Reader

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Bigbtsk By Mirakkoa Updated Feb 15

Crush x reader, I how you read this story. It's my first x reader type of story so mind the bad details...

                              My hairs short
                              I don't wear crop tops
                              I don't wear skirts
                              I sit wear make up.
                              And if this is in school, IRL my school has uniforms. I'll just pretend
LunarEsclipse4 LunarEsclipse4 Dec 29, 2016
No piercings no make up no skirt and no crop top more like leggings black shirt fannel in red and black  with some black shorts (yes with the leggings which are black ) and very light natural makeup with some lip blam done and no piercings
Second fact,I did my hair in a ponytail a lot when I was little I still do.I let me hair down a lot too. XD
Fun fact,my crush is in the same classroom as me.Here in Greece we don't have to go to many classroom. We just have one with every subject.We have labs and other things but we only have one class.Just a small fact 🙂
DarkCrystal2 DarkCrystal2 Dec 27, 2016
Soul eater, Soul is so freaking hot. If I had to choose between the real world and Anime world I would say goodbye to my crush and say hello to Soul Eater
Yass b yasss wait wheres kid i wanna say hi and i wanna fight blackstar