Cameron's Sister j.s.

Cameron's Sister j.s.

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~Your POV~

I sat in bed thinking about what Cameron had just told me. MagCon was starting up again and he invited me, his 14 year old sister, on the trip. I had met some of the people and were really good friends with like Carter, Aaron, and Taylor, but that's only because Cam had them over often. I decided to start packing as we would leave within a week. As I packed up my stuff I would need I got a text from Cam on my phone. 

BRUDDA❤️: Yo sis, leaving earlier than expected, oh and Jacob Sartorius is joining, check out his 

You: Ok, thanks, I'm packing now but I'll check out his when I have the chance. 

BRUDDA❤️: Alright! Can't wait for you to come with us! 

You: ok, bye! ❤️

I shut off my phone and continued packing.

~le Timeskip to plane, in week, cause I lazy~

Cam and I had just got onto the plane with Taylor, Aaron, and Carter, and I was extremely excited. I sat eagerly in my seat as the plane took off and Cam went to his phone to text the other membe...

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I was dared to read this no offense to the author but aghhhhhhhhhbhhghhgggfvvvgrdvbhyfcvgtdcbjirdv
                              I NEED MAH DADDY GRAY AND MAH BEAN ETHAN😂😂
Everyone's like JAKE PAUL, but im over here like THE DOLAN TWINS
BellaV2002 BellaV2002 Apr 06
Did you edit this to make the person his age cause I looked at it a couple months ago
LexiFerrar LexiFerrar May 03, 2016
Why is he so known for his musically that's not what made him famous, his vine where he posted comedy videos is how he got famous why don't people ever talk about his vine
lovejsartorius lovejsartorius Aug 08, 2016
If Grayson and Ethan ever joined magcon (which they should) I would definitely go