Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

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Nessa By xxNessa21xx Updated Mar 17, 2016

Long ago the world was engulfed in war and demons ruled from the shadows.

But now, the world lived in an age of peace.

The demons, who then secretly controlled the world using a variety of black magic have long been forgotten. They lived on only as myths, no longer discernible as truth or fiction.

Oleander - a beautiful woman with a mysterious past, travels around with her trusted companions, Ginrou and Lys, the twin whom she met by chance. They went around as a travelling performers to find the demon who sealed her fate.

One day at their stay at God's country, King Alvah, the country's king.  Was captivated by Oleander's beauty. Oleander, who returned his feelings with her own, become the king's concubine. 

But things are never what they seem...