Druidess of Fairytail ( Rogue Cheney x Reader / OC Fanfic )

Druidess of Fairytail ( Rogue Cheney x Reader / OC Fanfic )

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Navali of Sabertooth By moonlightbuckingham Updated Nov 29

A girl known throughout the Fairytail guild. Her name everyday whispered, even if it's the wind itself calling out her name each passing day. Their youngest S class mage, only eleven years of age. 

A bright child, but blunt and speaks her mind... half the time. Her magic different from the other S class, nor lightning, transformation, requip and crash magic. She's known as Fairytail's Druidess.

A lost magic she possesses, her only. Kind hearted, soft gaze and the childish attitude everywhere besides when on jobs. 

She's everyone's little sister since she finally opened up a year after her arrival. With her return, its cheers all around, although the upcoming S class trails she's agreed to remain behind to keep the guild company. 

How will their disappearance affect her? 

What might happen during those years and most importantly when they return?

All rights belong to Fairytail's creators besides my own arc(s) and characters!

A Druidess is basically a human with nature related abilities but has more strength and power. Along with her commands of animals. It will get more clear throughout the story.