Miraculous Ladybug: Chapters of Love Stories

Miraculous Ladybug: Chapters of Love Stories

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LadyNoir.Ph By LadyNoirPh Updated May 01, 2016

Chapters of Love Stories tells you the different love stories of Marinette, aka Ladybug and Adrien, aka Chat Noir.  Marinette has a secret crush on Adrien. She always struggling to get enough courage to talk to him but with the help of her best friend, Alya, everything seemed to be fine. Adrien is a famous fashion model in Paris and the best friend of Nino. He is good friend with Marinette but doesn't show any romantic feelings for her but only for Ladybug. Chat Noir is in love with Ladybug,  and hoping to know her identity someday.

1st Story: Masquerade Ball
Their school was having a school dance in a week. Marinette planned to go with Adrien but he's not joining the ball. Will Adrien change his mind and go to the ball after all and will the people recognize Marinette that she's Ladybug when he has her mask on?
2nd Story: Midnight Talk
Chat Noir was badly wounded after he had a fight in the middle of the night. He can barely move so he visited Marinette which was not so far from where he is. Trough the night, she helped him clean his wounds and let him stay there for a while. Will Marinette fall for Chat Noir after she knew how he feels for Ladybug?
3rd Story: Marinette's Love-Struck
*After the umbrella scene on Season 1 finale
4th Story: Unlucky Charm
Lucky charm didn't work. What now?
5th Story: The Boy Who Had it All, Lost it All
and so on...

Author's Note
This is about the different versions of love stories that I could come up with. Different versions meaning that they could be short story or long that will be divided into parts. I'm a big fan of Miraculos Ladybug and especially I ship LadyNoir, MariChat, LaDrien, AdriNette, you name it! This show is SO amazing and I love it so much! Please excuse my fangirling moment and so sorry it there are grammars or words that are wrong. English is not my first language but I will try my best to tell the stories as best as I could. Hope that you would like them and enjoy! Don't forget to follow, comment and vote! ;)

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TranquilBby TranquilBby Jul 11, 2016
Because she's nice, and Adrien obviously doesn't like Donald Trump
WinterWatcher4Life WinterWatcher4Life Sep 07, 2016
No. I rather stay home reading Fanfictions,watching anime, and eating foooood.
TranquilBby TranquilBby Jul 11, 2016
I love how they could tell who that was behind the mask, but they can't simply find out who Ladybug is 😂
WinterWatcher4Life WinterWatcher4Life Sep 07, 2016
If I haven't been on my phone in hours, I actually act normal, AND THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN!!!!