Strider Sex Slave

Strider Sex Slave

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Your name is ________, and you've run away from home. 
You called it home, but really, it was a horrible nightmare. You were screamed at everyday by your father, a man who found all his answers in the bottom of a bottle, and you mom had long since passed away and no longer able to protect you. His cursing at you and berating you was only the tip of the iceberg. He would hit you, beat you senseless until you were unable to move, and on a few occasions, he had even tried to rape you. You were fed up, you were done, you ran as fast as your legs would carry you.

You had no where to go, no where to stay, and in a fit of tears and frustration, you almost decided to go back.

Until someone made you an offer.

[Just a quick note here, I don't own Homestuck or any of it's characters. I don't own the images used for the cover, nor do I own the reader. I only own the storyline, and all copyrighted material goes to their original owners.]

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FujoshiCake FujoshiCake Mar 18
RunaTheDino RunaTheDino Oct 08, 2017
I read it as pets not pots.
                              "...I stirred in one of the many PETS I had on the stove."
LmaoSomeFag LmaoSomeFag Dec 01, 2017
You hear the other spiders singing "Baby grind on me" in the background
Wait... did he forget a condom? *rereads* it's not mentioned... oh no reader is pregnant!!!
I read this chapter seriously then went back read it again but I read the comments as I was reading the chapter, one minute I'm serious and the next I'm laughing my ass off. And that my friends is why I love humans.
1-800-sendnudes 1-800-sendnudes 5 days ago
Oh sorry I fell asleep while I was waiting on you to make me a sandwich
                              Go back to sleep, and starve