Caught Up, In Neverland [JM]

Caught Up, In Neverland [JM]

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×Ana× By SinisterJeon Updated Apr 25, 2017

He was there when she was alone.

He was there when she was scared.

He was there to bring a smile to her face.

He was there to guide her.

He was there to help ease her pain.

He was there to get rid of his own.

Until the fateful day had come- the day he had finally lost his way.


She loved his presence.

She loved the way he always came to her rescue.

She loved the way his smile caused ripples of warmth within her chest .

She loved the way he always stood by her side.


She hated the way he hid things from her.

She hated the way he pretended he wasn't hurting.

And most of all, she hated the fateful day he had lost himself.

Until... that day could no longer be remembered.

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Start: March 24, 2016
End: N/A

Amount of Chapters Currently: 30

Will be ending VERY soon! 
The next chapter is the LAST chapter. ㅠ.ㅠ


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