Fatal Attraction  -BOOK 1-

Fatal Attraction -BOOK 1-

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Honeyyyy By Honeeyyyy Updated Jul 02, 2016

I slapped him. I slapped him. I kept repeating I Amelia Banks slapped Giovanni de Russo.
I saw how his jaw clenched with my small handprint smothering his face. He slowly turned his head to me, me finally registering what might and could happen. 
   I stepped back afraid he might just strike me, he was just watching me. Like I was his prey at the moment , I felt myself ready to run at any moment.  Before I could even think I was tossed into a hard  item with my back against it. Arching my back at the impact in pain . My hand shot to my back trying to ease the pain, I felt my salty tears fall down my cheeks. I noticed I was backed into my refrigerator, my chin was tightly  gripped up. I lifted my eyes to  meet with cold grey eyes I was so familiar with.

 "You will never put your hands on me again do you hear me!!" He yelled in my face, my lips quivered. He was so intimidating , I solemnly nodded my head. To scared to even speak a word, his frame made me feel so small. 

 "Like I said before go pack you bags, and I do not wont to hear a pep out of your mouth Amelia !! " 

  I flinched he never said my name, he must be livid . I shook my head saying yes. He let me go , I leaned my body off the refrigerator making me gasp, the pain was unbearable. But I continued on to my room to pack.

 'What did I get myself into'

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QueenOfSpades44 QueenOfSpades44 Oct 04, 2017
Option 4, I run, don't tell anyone, and change my look and identity, and we put this behind us
miaisnice miaisnice Dec 05, 2017
I would’ve been pissed too old bish can’t say shlt to me
Angielb73 Angielb73 Apr 09
So how did he knew her in and he must know she goes that way 🏠
Angielb73 Angielb73 Apr 09
Should have 🏃 but she would've got caught well I guess she will sat yessss to marry him if she wanted to live
MercedesG828 MercedesG828 Jul 12, 2016
Welp, Looks Like iNeed A Towel Under Me To Read This Dang Story 💦💦💦
uhhiokbye uhhiokbye May 05, 2016
What if Giovanni's nonna ends up being the woman that comes to the coffee shop Amelia worked at