After Dark (restricted chapters)

After Dark (restricted chapters)

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Lydia Srofe By lsrofe Updated Jul 10

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These are the mature chapters to my Varulv Chronicles. Some will be additional scenes, while others are extended chapters. I love writing love and sex is no exception. I hope you enjoy. 


Can't get enough of these two, so happy you are thinking of a sequel.
I want to live here. Where are these men??? TELL ME HOW TO FIND THEM!!!
Hιѕ noт a vιrgιn..
                              Wнy do every werewolғ вooĸ I read тнere'ѕ a lead мale wнo ιѕ noт a vιrgιn anyмore!!
                              Even a nerd ιѕ noт vιrgιn anyмore..
                              Alѕo тнe мale oмega ιѕ noт a vιrgιn!!
                              Wнy, wнy, wнy?!
WhiteFangM WhiteFangM Apr 07
I hope it is a good book good luck to you in future stories👍🏻
can you do a sequel to this where they like have kids and bond and they're story continues on? pleeeeease
Tнere wнere тιмeѕ тнaт I ιмagιned Kaz aѕ Jacoв, Addιe aѕ Bella, and Orιan aѕ Edward ғroм Twιlιgнт..
                              Oн My Goѕн!! I'м ғangιrlιng agaιn!
                              I love тнιѕ!! 😍
                              I'м cryιng.. I love тнe Adrιan love тeaм and ѕoon тo вe a ғaмιly!!