Fawns In Thorns

Fawns In Thorns

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aalayah By aalayahupson Completed

Seven hearts belonging to seven dangerous boys. 

Will you help them grow or will you break them into shards?

Once they open up to you, you realise they are not men who make others lives miserable, but boys stuck in a swirling windstorm they can't get out of.

They are like fawns in thorns.

.... he can slam me into anything any time..,
                              I mean wut...
                              I didn't say anything :)
Hohohoh, boy are you wrong, the pervert is a little (I mean actually little) someone named Park Jimin
NebulaJ NebulaJ Jul 23
Well develop chapter.
                              Leave me hanging on wondering why they want to bully her, and why JK is helping her 
                              It's only chapter 2 I'm already in love with it ;)
Noooooo taehyung whyyyy!!!! Why not chim chim!?!?!? I can see how he can be a pervert, but whyyyy
It's hard to imagine Chimchim being the strongest one since he's such a lil' cutie
"And why are you telling me this?" 
                              *He shrugs*
                              "Ahh, as how much this reminds me of how shy I am. I can't even keep a secret, dammit!"