Once Upon A Rejection BxB - Beginnings

Once Upon A Rejection BxB - Beginnings

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Skye By FallenSkye Completed

Being rejected sucks.
 Especially by your supposed mate. 
It only adds when it's the Alpha rejecting you and you're the beta. 
Puny and weak. Can't fight worth anything.
 Your looked down upon by your pack and treated no better then an omega.

 Abused and broken Phoenix is hoping his last chance to become something is worth it. Failing his second nature, hell he can't even off himself right. A new life, a fresh start is in his not so distant future but it begins in Phoenix Arizona  and drags him back home. With his new image will his alpha take him back or with this just be another Once Upon A Rejection story?  I kinda suck at discriptions, but the story is good I promise. (short mini book before real one)


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Marie2272 Marie2272 Jul 21
My friend is 5'9 and is 11. I look up to her. (Get it? I know, I'll go away now...)
McZaqyah McZaqyah Oct 23
Aww, I hate hearing animals whine in pain, emotionally or physically 😭
Its the other way around for me 😂 I'm 14 and my height is 5'7 while my sisters are a lot shorter
jimmytoe jimmytoe Oct 14
you have no idea how traumatic it is to see someone attempt suicide in front of you.. it's the worst and you leave never the same person. so joking about it, I can't even describe how heart breaking it is to see
Hun you must be sleeping when it was raining Height Enhancer
How the hell can you be close to an omega if you're a beta..?