Karma X Reader ❤One Shots❤

Karma X Reader ❤One Shots❤

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hiatus for a while By Xx-psycho_jenn-xX Updated Feb 04

HELLO LADIES AND FAN GIRLS! I welcome you to my book of one-shots! Whose one-shots you ask? Oh, well it's from your ONE AND ONLY... 

Period head, mushroom-kun, Sadistic Strawberry, Elmo of the future *drum roll* AKABANE KARMA! 

Now for you who is finding shitty af books of Karma X Reader One Shots, you came into the right place because we do not only serve shitty chapters, BUT TRASHY ONES TOO! all in different flavors. 

Sad shitty chapter, Lame old ass chapter, Cheesy chapter, Lemony chapters (ohoho), Sweet? I guess we have. Wait, I DON'T KNO--

*If you want an order please just click the plus button and add it to your library, for any problems please just pm the author or just point it out in the comment section. Thank you*

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Mizunami9 Mizunami9 Jan 29
Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number! So call me maybe!
Clarent1906 Clarent1906 Feb 04
No don't I love your stories, don't delete it please, I keep waiting for your update on new chapter, but you want to delete it? Please continue write this book
                              I am sorry for being a silent reader until now, it just I don't know what I should comment, but I do really like your stories ^^
Omg I feel like this every time my teacher does thinks he's all like"my periods about to end get your stuff" and he knows I understand but nuuu suffer child
No don't cause I love your book and I'm reading it,please don't delete the book!!
kawaiiyandere66 kawaiiyandere66 6 days ago
What, did you sleep with your alarm clock? OR DID YOU USE IT AS A PILLOW!?!?!? xD
larrrryca larrrryca Mar 04
i’d rather not join sorry i just went through that 2 weeks ago