Karma X Reader ❤One Shots❤

Karma X Reader ❤One Shots❤

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Jenn The Psycho By Xx-psycho_jenn-xX Updated Nov 13

HELLO LADIES AND FAN GIRLS! I welcome you to my book of one-shots! Whose one-shots you ask? Oh, well it's from your ONE AND ONLY... 

Period head, mushroom-kun, Sadistic Strawberry, Elmo of the future *drum roll* AKABANE KARMA! 

Now for you who is finding shitty af books of Karma X Reader One Shots, you came into the right place because we do not only serve shitty chapters, BUT TRASHY ONES TOO! all in different flavors. 

Sad shitty chapter, Lame old ass chapter, Cheesy chapter, Lemony chapters (ohoho), Sweet? I guess we have. Wait, I DON'T KNO--

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YaoiKing1 YaoiKing1 2 days ago
Um my period just finished and I don’t wanna join you in yours.
YaoiKing1 YaoiKing1 2 days ago
I just imagine yelling at myself  like Yuri Plisetsky does to Yuuri Katsuki 🤪🤣
Nah. Just had it last week.
                              It sucks.
                              Just sucks dear.
In the arms of an angel... please notice me... and fly to my mouth.... (T^T) r.i.p. Toast 2017-2017.
                              You will be missed
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Well, its never an Anime when there's no food on your mouth while running-- Never mind. The POOR ROOD (。;_;。)