Ghost (BTS) (TaeJin/VJin) (Taehyung/V) (Jin)

Ghost (BTS) (TaeJin/VJin) (Taehyung/V) (Jin)

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CK By GlamArmyGirl93 Completed

Based on an imagine in my Jin and Jungkook imagines.


"Sirs, I have a question."

"Well, what is it, Lad?" 

"If this fails....?"

"All is lost. But it will not fail, we are relying you on you, Lad."

"And the man?"

"If the child dies he will be wiped of the memory."



"If it lives?"

"We will see. Now make your preparations, Lad. You must go."

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Do I have to read it first or can I just continue reading this freely?
Jpk6173 Jpk6173 Feb 17, 2016
It sounds very interesting I believe it will be a good story
Bunnieboy Bunnieboy May 26, 2016
OMG I'm getting excited already! XD why?!! I've never read a male pregnancy book before!
cumminghao cumminghao Mar 12, 2016
This fic contains some really heavy words, MY HEAD CANT TAKE THISEU
Bunnieboy Bunnieboy May 26, 2016
Well this took a turn of a twist already? Is this a male pregnancy book? That would be cool
YR_XOXO YR_XOXO Aug 31, 2016
Damn you bringing Greek god up in here! ITS ABOUT TO GET REAL!