Save Me From The Poison [Student/Teacher Relationship]

Save Me From The Poison [Student/Teacher Relationship]

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Gemma By XxTiCkLe-xX Completed

Victoria Coleman's life has always been difficult. She is someone who has faced troubles that normal teenagers would never even touch this early in life. 

It doesn't help when Chad Grant comes to the school and makes her his girlfriend. She didn't know that she would be abused physically and mentally. It pains her to stay with him but she can't get out, everyone believes they are a happy couple. No one sees behind the scenes.

However all this is changed when the new drama teacher, Matt Harrison, gets involved and tries to figure out what is happening to her. They go through a struggle and on the way they fall in love. They both know it's wrong but who can tell the heart who to love or who not to?

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nandrajogdivya nandrajogdivya Mar 05, 2016
Plzz give link of sequel plzz of this story I really want I read this story plzz dear name of sequel
dianamills dianamills Feb 27, 2015
I've always wondered why people like student and teacher romances.
CelineFreeMind CelineFreeMind Jan 31, 2015
Very nice storyline, although sometimes a bit predictable. Altogether it is  a story that wants you to keep on reading. That's why the ending is so sad. Everyone would have wished Victoria and Matt to be together.
sbueiz02 sbueiz02 Jan 08, 2014
Good intro. Very unrealistic. Yes, there's romance. Everything its told from 2 perspectives. Hate it. Very little dialogue. Not good romances scenes. Good plot. Makes you want to keep reading but its unfinished and there's no sequel.
Mo3_Mo3 Mo3_Mo3 Aug 02, 2013
I love this book. Its more realistic then others. Cant wait for the sequal. Cant wait to see what happens.
Awaysrukia Awaysrukia Jul 05, 2013
how can you make nick Jonas the bad guy he too sweet for being a bad guy : c .  but i'm still reading the story because of chace Crawford and the story sound intersting