The Silent Wife. // h.s.

The Silent Wife. // h.s.

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H.S. By his_dimples Updated 6 days ago

I wasn't concerned about her at the beginning.
But she was too obidient, too religious, too shy.
I just had to develop an interest in her.


Where Harry was forced, by his parents, to promise a lady to marry her precious niece, Mira. 


#639 in fanfiction (17/02/2017)

ONGOING. (I don't have a schedule but I don't take ages to update) 

NEEDS SOME EDITING, which will be done once the book is completed. 

Do not steal!!!!! My best friend is the best at stalking. ;) 

Happy reading! 

Cover by: @hoette

thesmileystyles thesmileystyles Oct 02, 2016
I pressed story update & thought this was bout your new book until I seen one of my old comments
-narrentically -narrentically Sep 05, 2016
My pessimistic side never leaves, IT'S ALWAYS THERE AND IT'S SO ANNOYING
--Extraordinharry --Extraordinharry Oct 11, 2016
How can you even say that? Saying that only I would have eaten a tray of cheese fries :3
I laughed Im sorry I was just thinking about how dumb these people are "they're so in love!"