1 | Fugitives ✧ Peter Quill

1 | Fugitives ✧ Peter Quill

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"She gives the word 'princess' a new meaning."

[Marvel Fanfic Awards 2016 Winner- "Best Guardians of the Galaxy"]

[TV and Movie Society Awards 2017 Winner- "Best Peter Quill"]

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How do you pronouce it like Cynthia or is it pronouced with a z
infinitex_ infinitex_ Aug 14
I am kind of in love with the name Xynthia for your oc, an unique name always makes me excited for a new story!
Isn't it more annoying to have to delete them instead of just ignoring the comments though?
Umm .. Uh... Welll. Ok this awesome like wtffffffffffff 😱😂😂😂😂👏👏👏
SiennaBeck SiennaBeck Aug 05
But like... what if you unintentionally make a teen wolf reference?.. i feel obligated
youngwolfes youngwolfes Nov 01
dang. must suck having to not reference something completely irrelevant to the story/plot. wow.