Riley In The Galaxy (work in progress)

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Joshua Verry Jerry By JoshuaVerryJerry Updated 4 years ago
For Jacob Riley a standard delivery isn’t much of a challenge when it comes to smuggling. So when a thief offers him a job to transport her stolen property, it looks like a simple point A to point B deal. As far as he’s concerned its good pay. However when a price is put on his head and his crew by a powerful corporation, his trust is wavered between his loyalties towards the job or saving his crew. Things get complicated when news emerges of his long lost father’s involvement with the goods that are hidden aboard his ship. The situation escalates and he is forced to escape from the ruthless warlord/bounty hunter Randall Crow who may just know everything that there is about Riley. As he investigates deeper while encountering dangers of venturing into the sector of the mysterious Pyrovores, an alien race who prefer not to be interfered by humans and their neighboring alien species, he will have to keep watch on his back and front. Racing against time he will come across different kinds of allies and choices that force him to unlock secrets from his past that will put things in a different perspective.
Creative, but I think you should add just a little more detail. Change your sentence structure a bit.
@JoshuaVerryJerry I am unable to believe I actually tried something new other than teen-fiction; romance; mystery :p 
                                    :p Is troy even the name of one of the 62 moons, like in real?
Oh. My. God. I actually read a chapter of a book which is under science fiction and I actually liked it!! :O Your writing is flawless and is captivating!!! :O Science Fiction!!!! Ohmygod! I still can't believe it! Upload it soon!
I swear you had me at the edge of my couch reading this shit. I even bugged your butt telling you how much i liked it, uploead porfavor? I think thats spanish if im correct.
Awesome Science Fiction, so detailed and intriguing, and somehow so realistic! And your grammar is great, no mistakes that I could see! Amazing!
Haven't read any Science Fiction stories before, other than the odd short story, so this is a first for me(:
                                    Likeing it so far :D but that poor kid, now I'm desperate to know what happened to his father :(