Babysitting the Badboy

Babysitting the Badboy

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黑玲玲♡ By a12b50 Updated Jul 14

"I don't like you which means you obviously can't get me," I stated confidently once more. Rylen leaned his face closer towards me while his arms were resting on his squatted legs. I gulped silently,waiting for any horror to come by. "We'll see about that princess, "Rylen whispered, his breath fanning over my cheeks.

Meet Kristen Marino your typical, not so typical nerd. An outspoken, short tempered theatre geek with witty comebacks, whose grades are almost flawless.

Now meet your typical bad boy/ boxer whose goals are not to get good grades, but to get each and every girl by graduation, Rylen Arrows.

The two practically loathe the others status, but what happens when they're forced to meet. They say opposite attracts right?But sometimes they don't.

lol love it. This like me cause I babysit. Keep up the good work.😂❤️👍
r_d_williams r_d_williams Nov 26, 2016
I think grabbed instead of was grabbing sounds better.
                              With that being said WOW you just jump right into it Dont you lol.