Daddy Kink : L.H.

Daddy Kink : L.H.

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He carries my bridal styles out of the office and walked into the larger elevator. I stopped  crying but still sniffled here and there while playing with the unknown man's hair which was really soft 

"What can I call you, I never got your name." I mumbled into his neck. 

"You can call me Luke, or Daddy

( Be warned I started writing this at the age of thirteen so the beginng is pretty damn shitty I will edit it when I can. I promise the farther into the book you get the better the chapters will be so lol enjoy.)

Am I the only one thinking that Delilah sounds more like 9 instead of 19.
Lmao you should have put the ages at the top I got so confused on her age, like she acted like she was 12 or something to me
Oh my goodness we need Jesus up in here
                              You naughty girl
                              * Laughs calmly*
Reading the A/N and rolling my eyes at how dumb some people can be. DON'T READ SOMETHING IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS. THAT'S LIKE THE MOST BASIC RULE xDD