For The First Time (WATTPAD Version)

For The First Time (WATTPAD Version)

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Kyra Carstairs By ChasingMadness24 Updated Aug 06, 2016

"Just when you think your life is horrible. Someone's is always worse."

Juliette Swanson has just lost her whole family in a car accident. She has been pulled out of her small town in Oregon and sent to live with her God Mother, her mom's best friend, and her family in Beverly Hills. She doesn't believe her life can get any worse, until she meets her God Mother's obnoxious twelve and sixteen year old boys. Trying to escape the horror at her new home, Julie goes to school with positive thoughts. But after school she accidentally walks into a room of   visually impaired teens having a meeting. For the first time in her life, and since the death of her family, Julie finally doesn't feel judged. And when she begins to befriend some of the teens, she realizes that they are actually great people.
Will Julie find a home in this group of troubled teens? Could she even possibly find. . . love?


"What are you doing? TJ." The smile on his face was so devilish that it made my heart skip a beat. I could feel the cold breeze coming from the river below us, biting at my cheeks.

"You said I needed to let loose." He said, then brought his hands down and took his shirt off. I stood frozen in place. What was he going to do?

"So I am." He whispered. He pulled his sunglasses off and grabbed my arm.

"TJ? What are you doing you can't. . ." He grabbed on to me tightly and threw us both off the cliff. I screamed and buried my face against him as we crashed into the ice cold water.

Cover by @TheWorldWasQuiet
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UniversalLanguage UniversalLanguage Mar 21, 2016
I just started, and already I'm captivated. Such a beautiful start. Made me tear up a little. But great job.
Yesternitt Yesternitt Jun 02, 2016
This is really great! I shouldn't have judged it by the title at first
hannahleighloveswatt hannahleighloveswatt Apr 13, 2016
What a sad beginning, but I think I'm going to love it here.
                              Hi, I'm back to reading your story again and glad that I my account is okay so I could comment.
OkWannaBe OkWannaBe Mar 13, 2016
This is greatly written! I really like it so far. Unlike other wattpad stories, it's interesting and nicely written.