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Soriel - Baby?! (Sans x Toriel)

Soriel - Baby?! (Sans x Toriel)

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RealKutiepup By RealKutiepup Updated Mar 09

A Soriel Story.
  A Few years after Frisk saved all of the monsters, Most of them Finally convinced Sans and Toriel to go out...
  3 Years Later...
  All Undertale Characters belong to Toby Fox and Other respective owners (For Fan-designed characters implemented into the game)
  ( The cover was drawn by PepperPixel on Deviantart.  I DID NOT DRAW THE COVER ART!)

NaryTheWeirdo NaryTheWeirdo Aug 16, 2016
"Yes!! I wonder if it is going to be a Goat or a Skelaton! Or both!!! I'm so excited!" Daya says.
bellavillammv bellavillammv Oct 11, 2016
                              DO U WANT TO HAVE BAD TOM?!?!?!!
AzMoonStar AzMoonStar Jan 28
Sans kind of looks like a fusion of toriel  (the ears and tails)
The_Fallen_Machine The_Fallen_Machine Nov 12, 2016
PLOT TWIST! Asgore murders sans, toriel amd the baby in her stomach and then he goes to make out with grillby, who just happebed to be sitting in yhe corner facing the wall. Jk if that happened i would dig a hole and bury myself alive.
OMG To be honest I never saw myself shipping them, but here I am...
Temmie12022 Temmie12022 Mar 07
I'm so glad that there is no... . well you can imagine.. Many soriel fanfictions do, and I want to give some a BAD time