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Ink Stained

Ink Stained

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B.A.I.K By berenika-kowal Updated 28 minutes ago

❝The world is a madhouse, and all the people in it are delusional and blind.❞
    Thousands of years ago the Ayakashi, monsters of both beautiful and grotesque natures, were real. Thousands of years later, they continue to exist, and in all this time the Ayakashi and human races have co-existed in an uneasy alliance.
    Embroiled in the turmoil are five people who each have their own pasts shrouded in secrecy and stories they do not wish to tell. At the centre of a conspiracy spanning thousands of years and worlds of which she will never be a part of is Pai, a young girl who lost the memories of three years of her life. Another of the five whose fate is forever tied with hers seeks to protect those he loves, without knowing how to control the darkness in him that would seek to harm those people. 
    And one who would shroud himself in shadows of fire holds the key to the secrets of the past and knowledge of how to unlock the door leading to the future of survival - and the answer to the question that cannot help but be asked; what changed?
  Note: 1.  Winner of the #ABA2017 and 3rd place winner of The Undiscovered Writer's Award
              2. English
              3. Long chapters ahead.
              4. Updates on Friday.
              5. My love of Japanese culture inspired this. This is very realistically written, not an anime pass-of

                              Interesting for some reason I couldn't picture this as an anime. It's more like a live action Japanese movie instead. I can't put my finger on it though
Hana-shi Hana-shi May 04
This illustration surely filled with enigmatic nuance. I could say that the image implying ideas of being gory, though.
CielSensei CielSensei May 19
                              reading this while listening to "bad apple - music box version"
Hana-shi Hana-shi May 04
The epigram sounds much like a loath of a logical thinker's notion. It is logic for the sense also.
LeSwift LeSwift Apr 24
This entire section is like a scene from a movie
This is fan art? You've got some awesome talent @A_C_Douglas!