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Ink Stained

Ink Stained

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B. A. I. Mwango By break-mwango Updated 2 days ago

❝The world is a madhouse, and all the people in it are delusional and blind.❞
Thousands of years ago the Ayakashi, monsters of both beautiful and grotesque natures, were real. Thousands of years later, they continue to exist, and in all this time the Ayakashi and human races have co-existed in an uneasy alliance.

Strange things begin to happen. More humans meet their untimely deaths at the hands of Yori Chiisai, the Lesser Ayakashi, the weakest of all. Oni -demons of the most frightening calibre -attack mindlessly, the Lower lashing out at a larger scale than has ever been while the Greater Oni retreat to the shadows of the world. Hengen, the Greater Ayakashi, start to disappear, one by one; and the Kamigami, gods who lie to preserve themselves, are withdrawing from the very world they are meant to watch over.

Embroiled in the turmoil are five people who each have their own pasts shrouded in secrecy and stories they do not wish to tell. At the centre of a conspiracy spanning thousands of years and worlds of which she will never be a part of is Pai, a young girl who lost the memories of three years of her life. Another of the five whose fate is forever tied with hers seeks to protect those he loves, without knowing how to control the darkness in him that would seek to harm those people. 

And one who would shroud himself in shadows of fire holds the key to the secrets of the past and knowledge of how to unlock the door leading to the future of survival - and the answer to the question that cannot help but be asked; what changed?
  Note: 1. This book is unedited.
              2. It is written in English
              3. There are long chapters ahead. You've been warned.
              4. Weekly updates on Saturdays.

A_C_Douglas A_C_Douglas Mar 07, 2016
Thanks to anime, I can quite happily say I knew about a quarter of these terms! ;D
                              Very nice. Like the commentor below states, it's a very helpful guide for people who don't quite grasp Japanese terms. 
                              Ahh, anime has helped me so much <3 :D
stevie3353 stevie3353 Jan 09
This is a good start i think. Very interesting and good for drawing the reader in. Could be simplified just so the reader can get their head around it a tad better
thesongist thesongist Mar 24, 2016
This just made my day, and my interest is piqued. I know most of these terms already, but I'm so in love with the Japanese language, so this was perfect <3
                              Can't wait to actually start reading
moolabear moolabear Jan 22
                              Hum..interesting beginning...I like it! It was pretty interesting and drew me in! I can tell this is going to be a very well written book! Let's see were the next chapter brings us. Nice work!
let-it-burn let-it-burn Aug 05, 2016
I really like your title, however i must ask if it's necessary to include a small paragraph for those 5 characters. I mean I personally think that your blurb/summary thing would be stronger if you cut that.
RenoBastian RenoBastian Dec 10, 2016
*kisses fingers and smack* Mag-nee-feek! Magnificent. akakakakak how did you put in the ying yang symbol :D!