Bullied by Tyler Joseph

Bullied by Tyler Joseph

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❧ ash By trashtooru Completed

I am bullied by Tyler Joseph 

he says jewsh dun is sexy but to me he's hot >:((

Credits to everyone that made a book like this

enjoy [completed]

The funny thing is I was actually hit by a ukalelee 
                              It really hurts
Jishwa-yes Jishwa-yes Nov 24
I would pay him to hit me cause he's so nice he'd probably just hug me after and be like "I'm so sorry" cause that's just ty 😂
fren: i'll never see tyler joseph
                              me: *raises eye*
                              me: watch and learn
                              me: *opens window*
                              fren: what-
                              me: JOSH DUN IS MY BEST FRIEND
                              fren: what was that for?
                              me: *points to sky*