Passive & Aggressive.

Passive & Aggressive.

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N A M U By Roman_renegade Updated Oct 20, 2017

When Thea Valentine, a 24 year old computer demonstrator in an high school, gets approached by Dean Lockwood, the CEO of the Lockwood Co. all she could wish for her panties to not get in a twist. 

Enters Lucas Norway, running a Top one company in the country, is not exactly a child's play. He is too aggressive and cold, intense even. 

When Lucas realises that someone tried to hack into his company's profile, he seeks help of Thea Valentine, seeing that his experts failed to catch the hacker.

Little did he know, Miss Valentine herself was the unknown hacker.

Trapped between the two dangerous and undeniably hot men, Thea could only plan one thing,

 her funeral.

(I'm not really good at description but you should give this story a try, I swear I won't disappoint)

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  • ceo
  • cold
  • company
  • dangerous
  • hacking
  • hot
  • intense
  • love
  • romance
Felicia_04 Felicia_04 Oct 20, 2017
This is the only first chapter but I'm already in love with this!
Ely_Flowers Ely_Flowers Sep 06, 2017
Light... I mean Lockwood???? Valentine???? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you might be a fan of Shadowhunters.
stargazeth stargazeth Oct 28, 2017
SarahattheDisco168 SarahattheDisco168 Feb 15, 2016
I love the chapter and I really find it intriguing to read :) Keep up the good work and hope you update the second chapter soon :)
Emmozi Emmozi Feb 17, 2016
It's really good how you kept it mysterious, I also like that your writing is full of description so I can imagine how the actual character looks like!!!!
                              GOOD JOB!!!! Keep writing!!!
stay_strong_____ stay_strong_____ Feb 17, 2016
This is a great start of your book. This book will definitely be a big success! I can already tell lol