White Boys ( River Phoenix )

White Boys ( River Phoenix )

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"Sure, maybe the urban Boston wouldn't be completely socially aware, but they'd at least have some idea of how to treat us like we were all the same. So, we were packing up our bags, and I was going to a new school, and I'd do fine as long as I stayed away from those white boys."

- - - 

Robin Skye was packing her bags and (hopefully) moving away from the racial discrimination she's had to face in Georgia. Of course she was guided by her mother and father to stay away from the source of the racism - white boys. But, River just couldn't stay away from her.

NOTE - - - do not read this if you know you won't agree on the ways that this book touches on racism because you will get your feelings hurt !!

( written by Zuzu Adi ) ( 01/31/16 )

fandoms_28 fandoms_28 May 22
AHH my school recently did this as our musical and I was in the cast so now I'm emotional lol
drktimes drktimes Jul 08, 2016
oMg i love Stand By Me !!! my english teacher showed us the movie during class n that was honestly the best class i'd ever had