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So, yeah, I'm writing an Undertale fanfic. We all knew it would happen eventually. This takes place in the human world, some years after the monsters were freed. Frisk is all grown up, and returns to the town where all her monster friends live. She returns with a boyfriend, and a certain skeleton gets jealous af...But is her boyfriend all he's cracked up to be?
(Despite the title, this ain't a smut. It never will be. Also, this is a Frisk+Sans fanfic. It's mature for language and some serious situations later(ish) in the story. Asgore and Asriel are alive. Asgore and Toriel are still together. Asriel and Flowey are separate monsters.
Toby Fox owns Undertale. I'm using pictures, videos and songs in this fanfiction. I give full credit to the owners of those pictures, videos, and songs.

                              Me: *lunges at Adrian with knife*
                              Friend: *holds me back* STITCH STOP
                              Me: LET ME GO I HAVE TO PROTECT DA CHILD! *bites friend*
                              Friend: *lets me go* SHE BIT ME!
                              Me: *brutally murders Adrian
No, they aren't dating! Frisk and Sans should! Dang it weird lookin' dum dum jealous brown haired dude with eyes! You just ruined it
Frisk x Sans = Frans
                              I SHIP IT! 
                              Sans x Toriel = Soriel
                              I DONT ship it ;^;
One of the first things: she's developed curves.
                              Sans be pervy
                              (Can anyone else imagine him with Jack's voice for him?) 
                              Ah omg I'm so so obsessed with undertale rn 
                              Undertale phase
Don't touch the my sweet child! Go fûck chara if your desperate