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The Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel

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Slayer By Shadow_Warrior14 Updated Feb 09

Percy Jackson isn't a son of Poseidon. Hell, he isn't even a normal demigod. His father is Zeus, Lord of the Skies and King of Olympus. While that seems normal, (for a demigod) he is also the son of Jupiter. He is a child forbidden to even be alive. As a child of both Greece and Rome, Percy Jackson is not allowed at either camp. His father decides to take a chance at letting him live in the mortal world, away from the dangers he might encounter in the mythological world. He is raised by Zeus himself, in a way that doesn't go against the ancient laws. Zeus has his immortal son, Ares, train the boy from the moment he can stand. Now as the threat of Kronos rises, Percy must be the child of the Prophecy. Will this demigod be what it takes to destroy Kronos and his army or will they end him before he gets the chance?

posiden9999 posiden9999 Jun 26
I laughed☺☺☺☺☺😀😂😂😂😂😂😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😉😅😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😉☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😃☺😂☺😂☺😂☺
Marijej Marijej Mar 09
How can he be a son of both? They are the same, but have an greek and roman counterpart. He should be a son of one of them.. so how can he be one of both.. Is it possible for an god to be minggeld in their counterparts, o they are both at the same time?
I thought Hercules gave up his immortality and Godhood for a mortal seeing as a god and mortal cannot be together or was that just the Disney Channel version
Sunnydg Sunnydg Nov 22, 2016
At first I didn't know what incest was then I looked it up... And let me tell you it wasn't something you wanna see everyday...
fallen angels by black veil brides would have been a good song to put here
England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Nov 11, 2016
You think that's bad? In the Battle of the Labyrinth, it mentions a demigod of Poseidon and Gaea. Gaea is Poseidon's grandmother!