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A year after the Sky Army was formed, Sky, Deadlox and MinecraftUniverse travel to the End to finish the work that all Minecraftian ancestors started. Kill the monstrous Ender Dragon.
But their battle comes at a price. A dreadful consequence. One that will change the world irrevocably.

~   ~   ~
This book is first in the trilogy.
Temporary note: Despite what the date may say on my profile, this story was finished over a year ago. It's also being edited - I mention it again in the first chapter - so please bear with the fact that after the second part, it goes on a horrific downward spiral. Thanks.

All characters belong to their rightful owners.
{Enderlox belongs to HerobrineisMINE}

[Cover Maker: CookiehMunster.]

Novahkiin Novahkiin Aug 09, 2016
Is it dumb I want to read this again.. but not read it? I want to copy and paste all the chapters into the siri voice thing so I dont have to read xD lol... but i caaaaant :-; oh whale
SzketchFox SzketchFox Apr 09, 2016
To all the people rereading this and taking a trip down memory lane, can I get a HOOYAH
WolfieTheWerewolf13 WolfieTheWerewolf13 Nov 24, 2015
Is Seto in this story? If he is, it would make a feel better because I just read a fanfic of where he dies then I started to cry. Yeah....
XenaSorceress XenaSorceress Aug 24, 2015
You're gonna use their MC names? Mk, not like anyone minds :3
BrendanFinnegan BrendanFinnegan Aug 10, 2015
I'm sorry I have to do this but I am making my own enderlox story I need some comments on how I'm doing on it
- - Aug 06, 2015
I'm crafting our home
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