Nanatsu No Taizai Meliodas X Reader All Those Years(In Works)

Nanatsu No Taizai Meliodas X Reader All Those Years(In Works)

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♡~Qneen Edna~♡ By Kairiexeyandere Updated Apr 03

Its been a while since Y/N
And Meliodas met you were age 
Six while he was way older than 
You and you played with him and 
Read you stories.

Soon he disappeared before 
The horrible war happened 
His Girlfriend Liz died and she 
Was like a big Sis too you.

That day your mom and Dad died 
From horrible illness making
You all Alone,And you soon got 
Adopted by the King of Lioness 
Since your parents use to work 
There you became a princess and 
Had sisters and one brother.

Years passed and you are 16
Years old whom lost your memories 
Soon you meet up with a blond 
Familiar guy with green eyes.

Soon you and your big sis
Elizabeth join the Sin of wrath
Quest will Meliodas remember
You or you him?(Based on the Anime)

So cool! Love it. Could you make it not italizied tho? It's a bit hard to read.
Why a six year old girl is thinking about this?  At that age i only got one thing in mind...and that was candy.
3dgel0rd_ 3dgel0rd_ Apr 03
Anyone think of Honey~Senpai?..........No? Yes? Maybe? Well gosh dang it, I must be a nerd for Ouran.😂
Yukon12 Yukon12 Feb 23
Did you know seven deadly sins and fairy tail are in the same universe
- - Feb 14, 2016
Okay so I usually don't comment unless I think the story is amazing... And yours is. 20/10!!!! XD