Blood Lust(Creepypasta X Male!Reader)

Blood Lust(Creepypasta X Male!Reader)

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awkwardness incoming By That_Cinnamon_Roll Updated Sep 08

1 more step...

Alex took a step forward along with his friends, Alex look down at the body of a male, the smell is so horrible, he covered his mouth to prevent puking, Jessica looked at the body and scream

It was the body of the missing (m/n)

Hey dudes and dudettes! This is about a male(you) who became insane because of the weird things happening to him. The creepypastas makes him their victim and the cause of that, he became insane and tried to kill anybody.

P.S. I don't own anything except the fanfic
P.S.S. credits to the owners of the creepypastas, picture, and videos

I always feel like somebody's watching me~
                              And I have no privacy~!
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This reminded me of Hide and Seek by Johnny T (the creepypasta song)(or was it Fnaf) *shrugs*
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