Blood Lust(Creepypasta X Male!Reader)

Blood Lust(Creepypasta X Male!Reader)

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I'm Awkward and Shy By That_Cinnamon_Roll Updated Feb 11

1 more step...

Alex took a step forward along with his friends, Alex look down at the body of a male, the smell is so horrible, he covered his mouth to prevent puking, Jessica looked at the body and scream

It was the body of the missing (m/n)

Hey dudes and dudettes! This is about a male(you) who became insane because of the weird things happening to him. The creepypastas makes him their victim and the cause of that, he became insane and tried to kill anybody.

P.S. I don't own anything except the fanfic
P.S.S. credits to the owners of the creepypastas, picture, and videos

XxJeffersonLukexX XxJeffersonLukexX Sep 18, 2016
I'm thinking of a horror movie here so...... * grabs popcorn and drinks * Ok I'm ready, this is getting intresting
I could be really creepy right now in my head and do this....  Em hem... 
                              I'm already dead, 
                              But I won't be that that creepy while reading this...  XD
Golden_Cupcakes Golden_Cupcakes Nov 13, 2016
I wish my mom would let me be lazy but Noooooo I have to be a doctor
Gravityfly04 Gravityfly04 Nov 22, 2016
I know it's SO had to take baths when your lazy so I just bring my anime.
TrueScarletFantasia TrueScarletFantasia May 25, 2016
Am I sleeeeeeeeping? I need to wake uuuuuuuuuup~! C'mon little (M/N)
ILoveRheGays ILoveRheGays Dec 05, 2016
Now at this time in my life I would be talking to my self, but oh well!