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Lani By MulanJiang Updated Apr 13, 2016

Chosen by Sarah Perlmutter (author of The Blast and The Deathless Trilogy) for Scikick's first contest! 

Veritum Academy holds secrets darker than sixteen year old Evangeline could have ever imagined. The prestigious institution is supposedly the best school in the world, but as it turns out, it is also the most dangerous. From the chips in their arms to the harsh ranks and disappearing students, Veritum is not what it seems. As she falls deeper into the academy's web of lies, she begins to to question: why was Veritum created in the first place? And what does it want with their students? Armed with only her wit and arsenal of sarcasm, Evangeline sets out to discover the answers to her questions of Veritim Academy, but the truth may be even uglier than the lies.

Beautiful cover by @deadrot!

MarineSaigon999 MarineSaigon999 Dec 25, 2016
I'm hooked by the description of this story... Can't wait to read it in my free time!! 👍❤😄😘
blackwallflower blackwallflower Jul 04, 2016
Very nice graphics and I absolutely love the quote! You are truly a jack of all traits... writing and then creating covers. Where do you get the awesome talent of multi tasking?! Teach me! Hehe 😊
PjoReynaHoo PjoReynaHoo 4 days ago
If Percy Jackson read this he'd be like "Been there, done that."
elemelon31i2a elemelon31i2a 3 days ago
THE DRINKS AHHHHH! I am not drinking anything offered by someone else again (other than my family)
WingedIllusions WingedIllusions Apr 23, 2016
Great graphics and an extremely truthful and to my mind, deep quote. My comments are back, so I will take time to read your stories now.
BeeHappyE BeeHappyE Dec 18, 2016
Hm. I feel like it was something in the drinks, and since she doesn't drink it, maybe something will happen with all the other students, and not her.. Hm.