I'm Not Hungry [BoyxBoyxBoy] (Slow Updates)

I'm Not Hungry [BoyxBoyxBoy] (Slow Updates)

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Alyssa By thebandiegirl Updated Jun 07

( I update this story when I have time, but I do try so please be patient. I am also devolping plot and so forth, so again slowish updates, sorry no set schedule.)
They looked at me, Jay's eyes were bright brown, and Kevin's a soft green, I loved it. Wait, why did I love it? I shouldn't love it, he wouldn't want me... 
"Chase, aren't you going to eat something? I mean water isn't very filling." Jay asked me, worry filled his brown eyes.
"On the contravy water is very filling Jay." I replied quickly, it had came runtine to me. 
"Okay but, you should still eat something else." Kevin said his eyes clouded with worry for my well being, how cute.
"I'm not hungry."
Chase believes he is fat. He try's everything he can to lose weight. He doesn't eat, hoping it'll help. Yes, Chase had anexrioca. Chase lives in a broken home, his mother left him when he was five. His father is basically broken, Chase has to hold his father together as himself. Chase isn't gay nor is he straight, he is bi??? Well he doesn't know. But two boys are very presiant for his heart. 

Kevin and Jay  are werewolves simple as that. They are alphas, they are possiessve, overprotective, and very loving. They long for their mate, yet they has not found him. A new boy shows up in school, the boy is their mate. But the boy won't let our alphas nor anyone get near him. How will our alphas get their  mate?

Warning, this book may contain trigger warning. The main character will have sudcial thoughts and or actions. This book also contains anexrioca, as the tittle states. Read at your own risk and thanks for reading my story.

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missmagic5 missmagic5 Jun 09
When I saw him I thought "oh he looks like my little brother"
                              Guys I don't have a brother 👏😐😂😂😂😂
lol, I just thought of Slenderman and I don't know why 😂😂
I thought that was his dad saying that..
                              Got rlly upset for sec there
Lol the way he says it reminds me of Sage from King Julien Idk why lol😂
@thebandiegirl I was wondering who wrote this poem? I wanna do some cool stuff with it and post it but, I don't wanna feel like I'm doing something illegal like copywriting it, ha. ❤️
miminnee_ miminnee_ Oct 22
He looks like my brother “friend” 
                              That’s what he told me
                              Like i would believe him😒