Bat Family Oneshots

Bat Family Oneshots

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Cat By 1cefire Updated Apr 24, 2016

It wouldn't hurt for wattpad to have one more batfamily book by me would it?

The bat family:

Bruce Wayne: batman 

Dick Grayson: nightwing 

Barbara Gordon: batgirl

Jason Todd: red hood

Tim Drake: red robin

Damian Wayne: Robin

I need requests to update this book, they can be anonymous in PM or if you want your name to be shown just put your request in the comments. Some parts will be written by me, inspired by fanart I'll put in the picture section.

Anyways vote, comment and follow me for more Batfamily related books! :)

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GraysonTheBestRobin GraysonTheBestRobin May 18, 2017
He said "son when you grow up 
                              will you be the savour of the broken 
                              The beaten and the damed
hufflepuffprincess6 hufflepuffprincess6 Aug 09, 2016
Damian I know you're a vegetarian so I'm just going to tell you this once you have it do you know how to many stupid vegetables had to die for your stupid salad only one cow has died for my burger so beat that
Huh. A murderer scared of a eleven year old. But to be fair, Dami WAS trained to be an assassin.