Falling Forwards (BWWM)

Falling Forwards (BWWM)

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RowdyThora By HathorRao Completed

The last person Dionysius Plutarch wants to see ever again in his life is the fiancee that walked out on him in the middle of the night five years ago. He's changed. He's really changed, but not even the money and the women can ease his nightly yearnings for her. If he could just find her, his revenge would be so exact and fatal she would never recover! He's run through all the scenarios in his head countless times. 

But what happens five years and eighty two days after she left him, when Makenna walks back into his life with a little boy in hand. Except there's a catch; the little boy he thinks is his... isn't.

What other secrets does Makenna have up her sleeve?

Ok....... u don't have 2 b all sexy in the shower😉😋😅
Omg he is hot, hot blooded,arrogant and rich oh and gives out gift baskets
CooLikeThat CooLikeThat Oct 18
Why does every story describe the leading male as smelling like the damn woods? That's not sexy.
CooLikeThat CooLikeThat Oct 18
I'm lost. Where are we? Who's talking? What's going on ? What just happened? Are we somewhere else now?
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