My Brother's My Mate (Original)

My Brother's My Mate (Original)

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Would you die for me? By margotxjaredleto Updated Nov 23

His scent lingers in the misty foggy air. I follow the scent, my wolf anticipated wanting to finally know who her mate is.

"Mate! Mate! Find mate!"

Following my wolfs order, I sniff the air until the his scent is clear. I smile, finally being able to finally know who he is.

I come to a stop. I only see the back of his head. His brown, almost black hair shines in the misty sunlight. His lean broad and musclur body leans against a tree. My foot steps on a tree branch, making it snap under my foot. His back stiffens and he slowly turns around.

My smile gets bigger by the second but my eyes widen and my smile drops and I hang my mouth open with shock.

My mate, the man who's suppose to love me. Make love to me. Care for me. Care for our pups together is my brother.

My brother is my mate.

laylay1736 laylay1736 Jul 26
Um....yea brother lets just get naked and check each other out... Yea no!!
I usually have a silvery wolf (tho this is me writing stories on paper not on wattpad)
Not to be rude but it is you're. I want to help you improve that's why I'm commenting
Sumyia19 Sumyia19 Aug 07
I'm literally cringing and its reminding me of my brother who is four years older than me. I don't what that image in my head.
When I saw that in the movie I was dying of laughter the way this nigga thought that he was a boss. I was like: 'nigga sit yo ass down and go somewhere'