I Stole the Bad Girl's Heart [COMPLETED]

I Stole the Bad Girl's Heart [COMPLETED]

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My name is Michelle. I'm 16, born and raised in Australia, but now, I'm moving to America, Los Angeles to be specific. 
I'm your normal teenage girl, you know, loves music, obsesses over celebrities, the usual. One thing that is different however, I'm bisexual. I got bullied a lot because of it. Maybe starting fresh in a new country will be different.

-It's a good story, give it a go :) 

{There is a sequel to this story- The Bad Girls In Trouble}

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3/4 American
                              1/4 Australian
                              I was born in The US but moved to Australia when I was 11 months
As an Australian I deny that we are in any want nice, we're cünts. You want nice? Go to Canada
I sexually identify myself as a unicorn, any further question, message me.
I'm pansxual/ bisexual so, I can really relate to school life
- - Aug 28
Yes bi fam I kinda feel your pain because while my school is accepting my family is homophobic yay closeted till high school or college 😑
Coming from the oldest of 8 you do not want siblings trust md