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What He Doesn't Know

What He Doesn't Know

47.5K Reads 2.6K Votes 7 Part Story
♊ By RawYal Updated Jun 22, 2016

Book Two

Something weird is up with Adrianna and everyone else seems to notice it.

Everyone But Aiden.

He struggles with his new found mate to learn the source of what everyone hates about her and the reason as too why she's been acting so strange.

Cover:  RaeSarai

ineboogymnast ineboogymnast Feb 21, 2016
I'm freaking dying with suspense!!!!! Is she like a hybrid or something, like half werewolf half vampire or witch or something?!?!??
cambrave18 cambrave18 Feb 23, 2016
HORRIBLE..... I hate many secrets too many many lies....omfg I hate it...but I also love it
fionaxoxo_2465 fionaxoxo_2465 Apr 08, 2016
I don't know if anyone else has noticed it but Adrianna is a hybrid. My best guess is half vampire and half werewolf. I mean its kind of obvious and no I haven't read past this so what i just said may not be true
anikauddin8 anikauddin8 Feb 21, 2016
The prologue was amazing btw.please try and update,I'm not so good with cliffhangers.can't wait😍
Ann__105 Ann__105 Feb 23, 2016
Ahhhh! Why are you doing this to me? It's not good for my health!
anikauddin8 anikauddin8 Feb 21, 2016
If she is a werewolf which has been bitten by a vampire and cursed by a witch,then that would be amazing