D.M [NamJin]

D.M [NamJin]

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NamJoon sent some kinky shit. 
Jin received some kinky shit. 

©aestaedick 2018

Started: 02/13/16
Ended: 02/15/16

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Jun_Seagull Jun_Seagull 2 days ago
Oh no the daddy calling, i can already tell that shits about to go down
"Jimbob" If you don't get this, then you've never read that one YoonMin story-
AkimeRene AkimeRene Jan 24
I cant make any noise at all. Im on the couch, everyones asleep, its dark, and its a bit past midnight
mehisdabest mehisdabest Jan 10
...this is bad because in irl I call myself bob2.0 not to mention the original bob I claimed to have killed so uh
Jun_Seagull Jun_Seagull 2 days ago
I'm screaming while choking..... is that even possible? 😂😂
this escalated quickly even though we kinda began in an escalated situation idk lol