The Runaway (Nalu)

The Runaway (Nalu)

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........"What's your name?"

About Lucy; 
Lucy Heartfilia is 17 years old and is know as the "Runaway"all over the world except for in Mongolia. Lucy is called the "Runaway" because she is constantly running away from her father. Her father is also well know around the world, and also except for in Mongolia. When Lucy decides to runaway once again at the end of Sophomore year of highschool, she decides to runaway to Mongolia where she can start a knew life and not be know as the "Runaway".  

What will happen if Lucy bumps into a pink haired idiot who changes everything.....

About Natsu; 
Natsu Dragneel is 17 years old and is one of the most popular guys in Fairy Tail high. His current life in Mongolia is good, he has a perfect life but not perfect enough, Natsu wants to find the perfect girl but where and who. When Natsu bumps into Lucy or the "Runaway" he decides to want to get to know her better, something about her catches his attention. Especially how mysterious and strange she is.

When Natsu decides to do a little research on Lucy or the girl he calls Mystery, he finds out who she really is and how she comes from a rich family, and also how her father is willing to pay a large amount of money to whoever returns his daughter back to him.

This is a Nalu fanfic and I do not own FairyTail Hiro Mashima does.