Deer Pet >BillDip Fanfiction<

Deer Pet >BillDip Fanfiction<

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((Editing is still in process))

Dipper, the one and only resident cervitaur in Gravity Falls takes a fateful walk through the woods that seals his fate for good. Bill Cipher, the monster connoisseur has arrived in Gravity Falls with the intention of capturing and selling live monsters. However, under strange circumstances, he has fallen head over heels for the young cervitaur.

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Update: This is an old story that contains grammar mistakes and a horrible plot line. Read your own risks.

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P4p3rFr3sh P4p3rFr3sh Dec 27, 2017
My reaction to being shot:
                              oh well look at that...
                              Is it supposed to hurt?
sciencekat sciencekat Dec 31, 2017
This sentence was about removing bullets in general, not just in your leg
Guys, I'll edit this when I get to it. Stop commenting about my medical mistakes and finish the story. It'll most likely end completely differently when I edit it.
Kiera_Dreemurr Kiera_Dreemurr Sep 24, 2017
This is me KieraDreemurr
                              I'm terribly sorry of how rude I was, please forgive me
DawnOfCreepypasta DawnOfCreepypasta Nov 22, 2017
I would instead be very hurt scream until i ran out of breath then with my burning oxygen-less lungs ask why he shot me.
PaladinOfVoltron PaladinOfVoltron Nov 25, 2017
Hey bill buddy pal amigo mind getting this diggity dog bullet out of my diddly leg