Undertale Meets Underswap (Skelebros!)

Undertale Meets Underswap (Skelebros!)

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imagine_write_dream By imagine_write_dream Updated Apr 16

There are not enough of these out there. So, I decided to make one myself. Undertale sans and papyrus meet Underswap sans and papyrus. I do not own the cover art or Undertale. In here Frisk will be a girl. But if you want, change the Frisk parts of she to he.

What happens when Underswap sans and papyrus are brought into Undertale? Find out.

Also I really enjoy writing this story! ^.^ At first I was just going to have them have a quick chat, but then I wanted to develop a whole plot to this! Updates about every week or so.

  • papyrus
  • sans
  • skelebros
  • underswap
  • undertale
Fnaftalewho Fnaftalewho Mar 02
this misword is magnificent. it even took my mind of the freezing temperature here.
waterwitch222 waterwitch222 May 26, 2017
Sans just flops into the snow, but Papy just floats effortlessly. XD
Silverleopard Silverleopard Dec 30, 2017
I read this... And suddenly, I was less stressed about managing four stories at once. And died laughing... Rip Silver, ???-2017
sprinkledoughnut123 sprinkledoughnut123 Apr 30, 2017
Majestic.... *Spits out milk* Bwahahhahahhahahahahha OML YAS!!!!! *.    Author Chan you made my day!! XD
MusicGamingKitty MusicGamingKitty Mar 22, 2017
Actually its a blue scarf, not a cape, the Sans that i know that has a cape is DreamTale Sans
Diamondpelt Diamondpelt Mar 16, 2017
Papyrus, Sans said baking WITH her, not baking her.
                              OMGA XD