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Undertale Meets Underswap (Skelebros!)

Undertale Meets Underswap (Skelebros!)

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imagine_write_dream By imagine_write_dream Updated Apr 15

There are not enough of these out there. So, I decided to make one myself. Undertale sans and papyrus meet Underswap sans and papyrus. I do not own the cover art or Undertale. In here Frisk will be a girl. But if you want, change the Frisk parts of she to he.

What happens when Underswap sans and papyrus are brought into Undertale? Find out.

Also I really enjoy writing this story! ^.^ At first I was just going to have them have a quick chat, but then I wanted to develop a whole plot to this! Updates about every week or so.

Sans just flops into the snow, but Papy just floats effortlessly. XD
Majestic.... *Spits out milk* Bwahahhahahhahahahahha OML YAS!!!!! *.    Author Chan you made my day!! XD
Actually its a blue scarf, not a cape, the Sans that i know that has a cape is DreamTale Sans
Diamondpelt Diamondpelt Mar 16
Papyrus, Sans said baking WITH her, not baking her.
                              OMGA XD
Sparrow-from-quotev Sparrow-from-quotev Dec 27, 2016
I like the majestic sans one but I feel the magnificent sans  rings more bells.
Sapphire_blue_star Sapphire_blue_star Nov 15, 2016
US sans:hey kanna why do people call me blueberry? 
                              Kanna:because you always wear blue,berry!*laugh at her own puns*
                              US Sans:*wisper to kano*shes as bad an papyrus