Undertale Meets Underswap (Skelebros!)

Undertale Meets Underswap (Skelebros!)

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imagine_write_dream By imagine_write_dream Updated Jan 11

There are not enough of these out there. So, I decided to make one myself. Undertale sans and papyrus meet Underswap sans and papyrus. I do not own the cover art or Undertale. In here Frisk will be a girl. But if you want, change the Frisk parts of she to he.

What happens when Underswap sans and papyrus are brought into Undertale? Find out.

Also I really enjoy writing this story! ^.^ At first I was just going to have them have a quick chat, but then I wanted to develop a whole plot to this! Updates about every week or so.

transformersprimegal transformersprimegal Aug 26, 2016
Why did this make me giggle? Cause that sounds super cute X3
AdriRayos455 AdriRayos455 Oct 08, 2016
Finally I found it I've looked on google for and au bros meet classic bros
TheOddOutcast TheOddOutcast Oct 14, 2016
I've also seen SANSational Sans if you ever want to use tgat
Sparrow-from-quotev Sparrow-from-quotev Dec 27, 2016
I like the majestic sans one but I feel the magnificent sans  rings more bells.
kano_kanna_kurrosawa kano_kanna_kurrosawa Nov 15, 2016
US sans:hey kanna why do people call me blueberry? 
                              Kanna:because you always wear blue,berry!*laugh at her own puns*
                              US Sans:*wisper to kano*shes as bad an papyrus
MelonyNguyen MelonyNguyen Aug 07, 2016
lmao sans said 'toriel's baking WITH her' not 'toriel's baking her' XD