Mithzan X Reader: Love At First Fight

Mithzan X Reader: Love At First Fight

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Scallu By Scallu Completed

-Editing in progress-

You're Y/n. A slightly succesful YouTuber who's always quite a joy to be around.
One day, an old friend texts you and asks whether you'd be able to work at his YouTube company. Of course you say yes.

But, this simple job offer could turn into a small adventure. Although, you already guessed that, didn't you?

coppertop10 coppertop10 5 days ago
Why did you delete all of these wonderful chapters? This was really good
Scallu Scallu 5 days ago
@coppertop10 they'll be back, i'm just going through them and editing them :) i mentioned it on my 'Updates' book. Hopefully all of them will get updated eventually
That_Horse_Freak That_Horse_Freak Aug 12, 2016
Literally those would be my words if that were to ever happen.
ifyousaygoodbyetoday ifyousaygoodbyetoday Sep 30, 2016
Yeah...imma change WolfPlayz to PastelWinds if you don't mind :p
WolfpupWritez WolfpupWritez Jun 12, 2016
When I saw WolfPlayz I screamed cause usually I'm WolfpupGamez so it's almost the same!!
KatTimelord KatTimelord May 08, 2016
Woah meh YTCHANAL name is Kat Timelord ok I'm going with meh Chanle nme