His Inner Demon (#3 Psycho Series)

His Inner Demon (#3 Psycho Series)

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Aaliyah Turner By Aaliyah_Loyal Updated Jan 01

"You weren't suppose to find out about that." He said as his eyes then darkened. He took an step towards me making my breath hitched.

But I stood my ground, I took one towards him as I give him a glare. "Well I did. You're a sick bastard! I can't be with a serial killer!" I yelled before my back roughy hit the wall. 

He stare down at me with dark eyes. Those eyes that once was filled with light, their now dark and filled with fury."If I can't have you then no one can." He spat simply before grabbing my arm. I hiss from the pain as he drag me to the basement.

I gasp as he then threw me on the cool ground. I groan and turned around and fear immediately ran through me when I seen what was then in his hands.


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patron_blue patron_blue Jun 18
Yup shitty friends like dance with birthday girl not each other.
If I were there, I tell her run away and never come back😕
Nellyboo77 Nellyboo77 Mar 29
Wow thanks for being a good father *sarcastic voice screaming *
He's the best? What the hell? He just make a deal and give you to a psychotic man
mollytrying mollytrying Jul 12
Lol I was hoping that the main character would be black, but that's ok
Oh nothing daughter I just sold u to a crazy mad man to save my behind so now he's after you and I just wanted u to prepare yourself to never see me and ur sick mother again... I love u never the less have fun